Company Information

Corporate name FUJIKIHAN CO.,LTD.
Established April 1977
Paid in capital 20 Million Yen
Address 471 Marushincho, Kita-ku, Nagoya
462-0063 JAPAN
TEL +81-52-902-2930 FAX +81-52-902-2991
Number of employees 21
Business activities Sale and repair of surface blasting equipment. Development and sale of abrasives. Application of WPC and PIP processing for customers. Manufacture and sale of natural catalyst (PIP) titanium. Licensing of intellectual property.
Patent Method of Preventing Abrasion at Sliding Portion of Metal Products Patent No. 3212433, USP 5,592,840, EP 0731181
Method of Making Surface-Hardened Metal Shot Patent No. 3379824, USP 6,018,854, EP 0687739
Ceramic Dispersion Plating Process Patent No. 3403627, USP 6,156,377, EP 0933477
Method for a Surface Treatment of Metallic Product Patent No. 3730015, USP 6,038,900, EP 0962539
Number of patents currently held : 40
The WPC surface heat treatment has been licensed to more than 130 companies in Japan since obtaining patent rights.
Countries in which patents have been obtained: United States, European Union, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Trademarks WPC processing, WPC, PIP,pip, Rice Stone, Smell Magic, Natural Catalyst, PIP Cerastone
Winning 2003
Granted Aichi Quality Company certification by Aichi Prefecture
Selected as one of “300 Active SMEs” supporting Japan’s future
Received award as a leading patentee from the Commissioner of the Japan Patent Office
“Japan technical development sugiyama award” presented by Japan society for heat treatment “The 3rd The Award of Japan for Crafting” special award presented by Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry