PIP Titanium High Efficiency Natural Catalyst

PIP (Powder Impact Plating) titanium [Patent No. 3496923, USP 6,455,465, EP 0980709, ZL 2004 8 0007798.7] is a technique which makes it possible to form a titanium oxide coating film with high adhesive strength without a binder by molten deposition of titanium, utilizing the heat generated at the area of impact by high speed spraying of metallic titanium powder in the atmosphere with compressed air.
In this technique, the oxygen in the atmosphere and the compressed air reacts with the titanium to form titanium oxide, and the oxygen is gradually depleted toward the interior of the film. The existence of this oxygen-depleted layer and oxides of impurities, which are present in very small amounts, results in catalytic activity by providing a charge transfer-type oxidation-reduction effect. The redox activity due to this electron transfer enables the film to demonstrate a catalytic function which is unaffected by limitations of location, conditions, etc. This is revolutionary high efficiency catalyst unprecedented in the past which can possess any of the crystal structures of titanium oxide (rutile type, anatase type, Brookite type) and forms an amorphous structure at the surface.
To distinguish this technology from conventional photocatalyst technologies, this has been named high efficiency “Natural Catalyst.”

Features of PIP Natural Catalyst

1:High adhesion without requiring a binder.
2:Does not require irradiation with ultraviolet (UV) light.
3:Low cost.
4:Easy processing.
5:Long sustained effect (persistent activity).
6:Wide range of applications.

Effects of PIP Natural Catalyst

1:Water purification
2:Generation of dissolved oxygen of water, resolution of active oxygen
3:Deodorizing effect
4:Antibiotic effect
5:Maintains food freshness
6:Exhaust gas purification
7:Fuel improvement
8:Constitutional improvement