PIP Treatment

PIP (Powder Impact Plating) treatment is a new surface treatment technology which was realized by application of the WPC patent. With this technology, formation of a coating film on the surface of the product being treated or penetration and diffusion of the plating material in the surface microstructure of the product is possible by high speed spraying of metal powder in the atmosphere using compressed air.
Applications of this technology including improvement of sliding properties and formation of coating films with high temperature corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Features of PIP treatment

1:Minimal change in the shape and dimensions of the work.
2:Can be applied to thin sheets, small diameter parts, and narrow spaces.
3:Various type of metal films can be formed easily at room temperature.
4:Masking of parts where treatment is not required is simple.
5:Various high functions can be imparted simultaneously.
6:PIP offers excellent convenience combined with low cost.

Effects of PIP treatment

1:Improvement of sliding properties by formation of a coating film of powder lubricant.
2:Possible to form high hardness films on metal surfaces.
3:Improvement of wear resistance, pitting resistance, and chipping resistance.
4:Effective in suppressing stress corrosion, grain boundary corrosion, electrolytic corrosion, etc.
5:Effective in preventing seizing of aluminum die casting molds by formation of an oxide film.

Example of comparison of forming ratio

Condition of tap after processing 20,000 taps (x100)