WPC Processing of Dies

Effects of WPC Processing

1:Increased fatigue strength
2:Increased wear resistance
3:Improved flow for various materials
4:Increased releasability for a variety of materials
5:Increased adhesion of films
6:Control of heat checking
7:Increased heat resistance and oxidation resistance
8:Improved high-temperature lubrication performance

Examples of Increase in Product Life as a result of WPC Processing

SKH51 cold forging die : 5X
SKD61 hot forging die : 4X
SKD11 press punch : 3X
SKD51CVD coating punch : 5X
SKD61 die-casting die : 3X
Cemented carbide press die : More than 3X

Result of comparison test

SKH51 cold forging die
・Untreated products : 20,000pieces
・WPC treated products : 100,000pieces
・WPC+Coating : 200,000pieces